The word of the day is: Money.
That’s right. Loot, green, moolah, the benjamins, whatever you call it, I wants it.
In an ideal world, money wouldn’t be of any importance. There’d be a lovely utopian communal-type way of life where we all got naked, held hands, sang songs and dropped hallucinogenics on a very regular basis. BUT, as much as I’d love that sort of thing, I realize that it takes money to get my converse. It takes money to buy my drugs. Well, usually. I can only mooch off the fam for so long. I mean, I want to have some sort of inheritance or else how will I buy that love shack in Thailand where I plan to live out my elder years with an IV drip and several lithe, young locals to fulfill all my sexual needs? Hmm? Oh yeah, employment.
I’m starting a new job tomorrow. Soon I will rule the world. Funny thing, I am wanting to go to a premier party in Detroit this weekend and if the new job won’t let me take the night off, I will soon be unemployed again.
I’m a little too impulsive, I suppose. Maybe? Fuck it. My priorities are right where I like them.
I had a little binging to do and when I went to sleep at noon on Saturday, I popped in the movie Empire Records. As with several substances, I came in and out of consciousness frequently and since my dvd player is on repeat, I ended up with Coyote Shivers’ Sugar High in my head all of last night and today. That and Money by whoever the hell made that one. I’m adding a pic of Coyote Shivers onto this post because whatever he may be in life, I do think the man knows how to party. I respect that. Also, I love his voice.
Alright, I need to recuperate from this weekend. I’m done.
Oh, one last thing:
I sent a fossil of a 350 myo cephalopod called an orthoceras to this guy once. I had one sent to me this weekend. Now how many fucking people would find something like that to be a cool gift? Apparently there are 2 of us.
Drugs or fossils. Send either.